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Free PowerPoint: Indicators of Danger


indicator1Helping our teachers prevent a school attack.  This short free PowerPoint will educate school personnel how to spot indicators of danger.Those who are preparing for a school attack give off warning signals or indicators of danger.

Use this PowerPoint to teach a quick class after school or email it to your teachers and staff so they can view it individually.

It reviews the 4 ways that teachers can see, hear, smell, and feel indicators of danger that warn of an impending attack.

It’s 24 slides and takes about 15 minutes to watch–real simple.

How Can I Get A Copy?
1. Follow this blog.
2. Leave a comment on this post.

And as soon as we verify that you’re with a school or police department (please use your school/police email!) or someone who has attended one of our trainings, we’ll email you the presentation.  Sorry!  With the sensitive nature of the information shared in the PowerPoint, we have to be certain that it will only be used for good.

Please help us to get this to those who could help prevent a school attack by forwarding this blog post to any principals, teachers, or police officers you know.

Author: Don Shomette

Don Shomette is a trainer, speaker, consultant, and owner of People are the Prize, a violence prevention company that helps people to prevent and survive a school attack. He has spent a lifetime working with police officers and principals and is consistently evaluated by those who attend his trainings as one of the best instructors ever. Don challenges, entertains, and helps school personnel to think of preventing violence in a new and positive way.

48 thoughts on “Free PowerPoint: Indicators of Danger

  1. Looks like a great idea Don. Would love to have it to show to my Staff.

    • Don,
      I presented your PP ,Indicators of Danger, at all three ( Elem., Middle, & High) at one my school districts faculty meetings this week. It went very well and was well accepted by the staff. I am also going to try and do it at the other district where I am SRO as well. I know my principals were happy with the length as it only took about 15 -20 mins to present. Even have a couple staff members who weren’t able to be there that heard about it asking to see it.

  2. Don,
    Please e-mail me a copy of your power point “Free PowerPoint: Indicators of Danger”.
    In my school district we have been having some threat problems and your information would be great for me to share with my administrators and staff.

  3. Please sent me a copy .. I am a SRO in a middle school in Stratford, CT. I’m a Stratford Police Officer

  4. Don,
    Please send a copy of the power point. Would love to share with school staff to help make our schools safer.

    Off Buckmir

  5. Don, I would like a copy of this power to share with staff.

  6. Don, sounds great. I look forward to presenting it to the staff at my school.

  7. Please send me a copy. I’m a SRO at Blue Ridge Middle school in Purcellville va. We have 21 SRO’s and would benefit from this position.

  8. Hey Don. Can you send me a copy?

  9. Don, Please send me a copy of the PowerPoint. Thanks

  10. Would love to show to my staff. Sounds like a great presentation.

  11. Hi Don. Would you please share your training presentation with me? I would like to share this information with our faculty and staff. Thank you so much!

  12. Don, Please send me a copy of the Power Point. Thanks

  13. Hi Don, I would appreciate a copy too, I am a SRO for the Glastonbury Police Department….Thanks!

  14. Don, I would appreciate a copy of this powerpoint.

  15. Looks like a great PowerPoint. I would love to show it to the staff at my school.

  16. Please send me a copy…I am the SRO for the Town of Auburn.

  17. Hi Don, As the others I would like the power point. You have my address. Sgt Mitch Vernazza Shenandoah County Sheriff’s Office. Hope you and your family are doing well.

    • Thanks, Mitch. The family is doing really well. Let me know what you think about the presentation. I’m completely open to making it better any way I can. If there is interest from the school folk in more material like this, I’ll keep making and posting more.

  18. Hi Don, Could you send a copy of your PPT my way too? Thanks for the info on the school shooting today in Nevada as well.


    Officer Rob Reyngoudt
    Cortland City PD
    Cortland, NY

  19. Please include me with this power point. Homer police department. SRO for homer central school. Homer new york thank you.

  20. Please include me with this power point. Manchester police department SRO for Parkway South High School.

  21. I would greatly appreciate viewing your Power Point Presentation. SRO West Seneca East High School, Town of West Seneca Police.

  22. Hi Don, May I please have a copy of your power point presentation? I attended your incredible two day training at Windsor High and I would very much appreciate the opportunity to see this power point. Thank you!

  23. Hello, Don! My name is Tina. I am a friend of Holly’s, and I am a teacher at DWE. I would love to share this PP. thank you!

  24. Please send me a copy of Indicators of Danger power point.
    SRO Len Govenettio

  25. Hope all is well, I would love to show the power point presentation to my staff. I was truly impressed by the PD I attended at East Hartford PD it was truly informative and helpful.


    Luis Lumpris
    Behavioral Technician
    Annie Fisher Montessori
    Hartford Public Schools

  26. Hi Don, Would love a copy of this power point to help ensure the safety of our parish school and Religious Education programs. Thanks!

  27. Don, please send me a copy of this power point. I am a Deputy Sheriff in Wisconsin and have been involved in training school and business staff.

  28. send copy

  29. Don,
    As the chair of the criminal justice program at Lorain County Community College & also a part time police chief I would appreciate a copy of your power point. I have been actively involved in helping the college prepare for the possibility of an active shooter & I’m sure this would enhance our efforts. thanks,

    Jim McManus

  30. Hi Don… My name is Willie and I would love to have a copy of your power point. I think it would be very beneficial to have and share with schools and other officials in other environments that work with and around kids. I am an investigator.for a metropolitan police department in the midwest.

  31. I would like to have a copy as well.

  32. Please include me with this power point. Region-12 Washington Police. Thank you. Still waiting to get into one of your classes.

  33. Don, please allow me to share this PP with my staff, looking forward to the reschedule School Vulnerability Assessment seminar next year

  34. Don, could you e-mail me a copy of Indicators of Danger Power Point.

  35. Don, Could you please send me the PP so that I may share with my school district.

  36. I am a SRO at Berlin High School in Berlin CT and just attended your training 1/13 and 1/14. I was looking to get a copy of this presentation emailed to me. Thanks Steve

  37. Hello Again!Please sent me the Power Point on indicators of danger

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