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What Do You See Wednesday Nov 6, 2013?


Check out the comments to read what others have seen!

Being able to spot what is safe and unsafe takes practice. And experience is invaluable. We’re going to post a new picture each Wednesday and after everyone has had a chance to comment, we’ll post what we see.

This picture was taken during morning arrival.  How does it look?  What can we tell about their policy and procedures, control, leadership, as well as current safety measures for the students and teachers.  What, if anything, would make it safer?

There is a lot happening here!

As always, assess how well this school is using the three strategies of CPTED (‘septed’) or Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design:

1. Surveillance: The ability to clearly see a potential threat
2. Access Control: The ability to deny and delay access of unwanted persons into the school and/or school grounds
3. Ownership: Sending a clear message that the space belongs to the school

So what do you see?

Safe or unsafe?  What is good and what could be improved?

Author: Don Shomette

Don Shomette is a trainer, speaker, consultant, and owner of People are the Prize, a violence prevention company that helps people to prevent and survive a school attack. He has spent a lifetime working with police officers and principals and is consistently evaluated by those who attend his trainings as one of the best instructors ever. Don challenges, entertains, and helps school personnel to think of preventing violence in a new and positive way.

3 thoughts on “What Do You See Wednesday Nov 6, 2013?

  1. Good: at least three adults visible in area to monitor bus arrivals; all students appear to be heading toward a single entrance monitored by an adult; sign posted for bus unloading only;
    walkway and road free of litter; school has placed flowers and personalized mat at front entrance

    Needs Improvement: bus line-up limits view of approaching trouble; adults may have cellphones on their person, but they do not appear to have radios for immediate communication; adults do not appear to be engaging/greeting students (all students appear to be facing forward); POV visible in the bus line

  2. I agree with Deputy Sarnoski on the positives. As far as the needs improvement there is clearly a POV behind the school bus and in front of the clearly posted sign that says “Bus unloading only”. This leads me to believe the school my need more signs in the entrance directing parents for student drop off / pick up

  3. I agree with you guys completely—they need radios and the car shouldn’t be there.

    I also hate the kids being that close to the buses. I’d paint a line two feet from the curb and train the students walk on the opposite side—close to the wall and away from the bus. I’d also have the teachers and students flip sides—put the teachers closer to the buses.

    I’d require the buses to park diagonally with their front right tire nearly against the curb. This will discourage people from walking in between the buses. It will also move the buses closer together and therefore will make it easier to observe the unloading of students.

    They need a painted walk way. The curb has been made to be accessible by wheel chairs but there is no walk way defining the area. Paint a walk way and train the bus drivers to keep the access point open. In the picture, there are no identified walk ways and no safe way for pedestrians to enter the front of the school.

    I like the flowers near the front door, but I worry that someone could pick up it and throw through the front glass and therefore gain entry during a lockdown.

    I also like that the lights are still on. The area looks clean and bright.

    I don’t see anyone recording bus numbers. Someone must maintain a record each day and alert school leadership immediately if a bus is delayed or does not show up. We can’t find out a bus is missing when a teacher reports that students are missing. Minutes matter and if a bus is in crisis, we must come to their assistance as quickly as possible.

    Overall, I really like what’s happening in the picture. The staff looks very friendly and attentive. The students are compliant and following instructions. There seems to be a lot of order. For me, this is an indication of positive school leadership and a fantastic form of ownership. This kind of control sends a clear message to would be offenders that the school cares and will be watching. Bad guys are looking for an easy target. These adults look as if they wouldn’t be an easy target.

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