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Free Online Resource Center for SRO’s!

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We are excited to announce that we’ve made a few changes for the better.

We’re no longer the SRO Toolbox at  We’re now The Shomette Group at People are the Prize (

We’re still presenting many of the same topics and school safety is still our key component.  However, we’re expanding who we are and what we do while doubling our commitment to helping people make a difference.

After all, people are the prize.  

With this new change we’ll be offering several new classes as well as a certification process.  So be on the lookout for these additions.

We couldn’t part with the SRO Toolbox completely so instead we’ve opened it up as a free online resource center for SRO’s.  So far we have about 35 lesson plans, a student needs assessment, 30 class games and ice-breakers (written and video examples), some safety material, stat sheets, and a little extra training.

This is just a start!

Register online and let us know what you think and what else we could add to make it even better.

The SRO Toolbox is open to any school based police officer so please pass the word.



Author: Don Shomette

Don Shomette is a trainer, speaker, consultant, and owner of People are the Prize, a violence prevention company that helps people to prevent and survive a school attack. He has spent a lifetime working with police officers and principals and is consistently evaluated by those who attend his trainings as one of the best instructors ever. Don challenges, entertains, and helps school personnel to think of preventing violence in a new and positive way.

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