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People are the Prize

Give Them a Piece of Candy

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When five year old Noah went missing from his home, rescue personnel from all over the state as well as local volunteers were called in to help search. Being only a few miles away from the search area, my wife, our two oldest sons, and I volunteered to assist anyway we could. So we grabbed our packs, water bottles, and other hiking gear and headed for the car. Sarah, our four year old daughter, came running calling for her mom to wait. When she finally caught up to us, she handed her mom something small and said, “When you find the little boy, give him a piece of candy.”

In my wife’s hand was a tiny wrapped piece of candy.


It is these small but precious moments that truly fill us with hope. After all, if one little girl can show this much empathy (love’s second name), imagine if us older and wiser adults could care this deeply?

As grownups, sometimes we make things more complicated than they need to be. Often we even make the mistake of thinking that if we are to truly make a difference in the lives of those around us that we have to do something that is extensive and all-embracing. While this is well intentioned, it can also paralyze us out of the fear that our efforts will be too little to do any real good so why bother.

Sarah shows us another way.

In fact, she teaches us two important lessons that if practiced would not only immediately change us for the better, but the entire world.

  1. It’s not how much you give that matters, but how deeply you give.
  2. It’s not necessary to pour out your time, but to pour out your heart.

We would all do well to remember that making a real difference in a life could be as easy as giving them a piece of candy. So when you find them, give them a piece of candy…

Author: Don Shomette

Don Shomette is a trainer, speaker, consultant, and owner of People are the Prize, a violence prevention company that helps people to prevent and survive a school attack. He has spent a lifetime working with police officers and principals and is consistently evaluated by those who attend his trainings as one of the best instructors ever. Don challenges, entertains, and helps school personnel to think of preventing violence in a new and positive way.

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