Don Shomette

People are the Prize

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Forward: A Decision Making Guide For Critical Leaders

Today’s word is forward and in this video I share a very old but very proven guide that critical leaders can utilize to help them make better decisions.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching!


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Amazing: People are the Prize

The more familiar we become with something (or someone), unfortunately the less we seem to appreciate it (or them). When it comes to preventing and surviving a school attack, we must once again see how amazing the people are in our schools and treat them as the thing they really are—the prize!




Crisis Drills: Should We Conduct Announced Crisis Drills?

I’ve been asked by lots of principals and police officers whether it’s a good idea to conduct crisis drills without first announcing to the teachers, staff members, and students that it’s just a drill.

In this video, I answer that question as well as give another alternative that I hope will add the same value (or more) for those who prefer not to announce when it’s just a drill.


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Lockdown: Why It Works!

Lots of folks who don’t work inside our schools are saying that we need to change our procedures, that our lockdown is not good enough. While I understand their perspective, it’s just not true and too many school attacks have proven that a lockdown works to save lives.

In truth, our lockdown is a great procedure…we don’t need to replace it, but we can always enhance it by doing one thing…speed it up!


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Everybody Fights in a School Attack:

I’m afraid that we’re inadvertently hurting our efforts when we tell our school community that only physically fighting the attacker is the only form of fighting. Certainly, it’s one way but not the only way. When a teacher goes into a lockdown, hides, barricades, or runs from the attacker—isn’t he or she also fighting for their life and the lives of their students?


Help us spread the word that everybody fights in a crisis. Please watch and then share this video. Let’s get the word out there—the truth—that in every school attack…everybody fights!


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Sensitive Topic: Is crisis drills and lockdowns really a sensitive topic or is it something else?

Too many teachers are not receiving the information they need to prevent and survive a crisis because it’s a ‘sensitive topic’.

I hear this a lot and I totally get it.

The thing is though, saving lives is not a sensitive topic. We have to be careful and always clarify that it’s not the topic that is sensitive, just how we present it and we could always do a better job.   


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Moon Pies: What the Koreans Taught me About Our Students

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a moon pie before, but I’m going to ‘enjoy’ a couple on a lonely mountain top in Korea while watching some guy root through my trash…and the experience is going to teach me something very valuable to remember about our students.

While I’d never force a moon pie on you (or anybody), the lesson learned is one that everyone has to remember!