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Sensitive Topic: Is crisis drills and lockdowns really a sensitive topic or is it something else?

Too many teachers are not receiving the information they need to prevent and survive a crisis because it’s a ‘sensitive topic’.

I hear this a lot and I totally get it.

The thing is though, saving lives is not a sensitive topic. We have to be careful and always clarify that it’s not the topic that is sensitive, just how we present it and we could always do a better job.   


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Nature: A Tale of a Fox, a Scorpion, and School Attackers

In his fable The Fox and the Scorpion, Aesop attempts to illustrate how people do what they do because of their nature. While there is certainly some merit to this assertion, we can’t fully accept this way of thinking when intervening with a student who is a potential threat.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of just giving up and saying, “That’s just who they are.” We have to do the difficult and try to change a person’s nature.



Townville School Attack: Points to Consider

Why would the school attacker yell, “I hate my life” and then began to shoot at students and teachers?

In this video, I go over some of the actions and behaviors of last week’s school attacker in South Carolina as well as discuss one more alarming commonality that is prevalent among school attackers. Namely, first murdering their parents and/or love ones.




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Onboard: Equip Your Students to Play Their Part in Making Our Schools Safer

Most students want to help make their school safer, we just haven’t taken the time to give them a mechanism to do that. Here’s a quick, simple, and effective way to equip your students to play their part.

To help make it easier for you, I’ve included a script to use with your students and a note to send to their parents.

It will take less than ten minutes and I guarantee you will immediately make your school safer!


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Response: Helping Students Choose the Right Response

Many students believe that a public humiliation warrants a public retaliation. When a public ‘putdown’ occurs, intervene immediately to prevent it from escalating into violence!

In this video I share a motto that you can use to help students remember that they are responsible not only for their actions, but also how they respond to the actions of others!


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Today’s Word is Priorities

Today’s word comes from an interaction between a store clerk and Zig Ziglar (world’s greatest motivational speaker) who teaches the surprised clerk about the reality of priorities.

We can use the same lesson to help us consider the priorities of a public school and which priority comes first – succeeding academically or preventing violence.


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Today’s Word is Action

Today’s word is action and every generation throughout history has placed great value on this word because without it, it’s impossible to be successful. When it comes to preventing violence, action is the single most important word.

Do this one (little and easy) action every school day and I guarantee you that your school will become immediately safer (and you’ll feel better while doing it)!